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PMI - 50 TL微束等离子多功能逆变焊机

PMI - 50 TL微束等离子多功能逆变焊机,1mm以下薄板焊接的理想选择!

PMI – 50 TL 微束等离子多功能逆变焊机

Multifunctional device – The ideal solution for welding thin sheets up to ~1mm thick.

PMI - 50 TL微束等离子多功能逆变焊机,1mm以下薄板焊接的理想选择!



The electric arc is constricted by a copper nozzle, which causes a high power density. The concentrated electronic arc can be achieved in conjunction with the controllable plasma gas, higher welding speeds and a deeper penetration, which saves time and money. The tight bundling of the electric arc and the welding speed causes only a narrow heat-effected zone to form, which has a lower thermal distortion in the component result.

电弧因铜喷嘴集聚,产生高功率密度。 稳定集聚的电弧、数显可控的等离子气体、智能高速的焊接速度、理想化的熔深、极大节省了时间和金钱。 集聚的电弧和焊接速度能够形成一个狭窄的热影响区,从而使工件热变形较小。

技术规格 Technical Specifications PMI – 50 TL
电源电压 supply voltage 3x 400V AC ± 15% 50 / 60 Hz
主要连接 main connection CEE plug, 6 mm²
焊接电流(60%ED) welding current (60% ED) 40A
焊接电流(100%ED) welding current (100% ED) 30A
控制范围 control range 0,5 ÷ 50A
空载电压 idle voltage 100,3V
引弧电流(100%ED) pilot current (100% ED) 15A
引弧电流控制范围 control range pilot current 0,5 – 15A
防护等级 protective doctor IP 21 S
手动等离子气体控制 manual plasma control 0,2 ÷ 2,5 l Ar/min
手动保护气体控制 manual protection gas control 1,0 ÷ 25,0 l Ar/min
重量 weight 47 kg
尺寸 dimensions 635x310x605 mm

PGR-05: electr. Plasma control, range 0,1 ÷ 5 l/min
SGR-20: electr. Inert gas control, range 0,5 ÷ 20 l/min

  • high quality of the seam 高质量焊缝

  • high process safety 高安全系数

  • high degree of automation 高度自动化

  • high productivity due to high welding speed 高焊接速度实现高生产率


Micro Plasma welding is used for sheet metal, foils up to 1mm, repair welding or soldering. The micro-plasma method can be used both manually and automatically.

微束等离子焊接用于金属板,最大1mm的薄板,修复焊接或锡焊。 微束等离子焊机既可以手动使用,也可以自动使用。